Kirbymoorside Parish Church

In June 2019, the Parish Church at Kirbymoorside ran a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the grounds of the Church. It was a gorgeous sunny day that saw mums, dads, grandparents and children gather in the church to sing and play parachute games and to enjoy food and drink outside with more games and fun for all. The event was organised by Linda, a retired member of the congregation with a couple of the local mums. ‘We realised we didn’t have very many young families in church and so last year we ran some events around the deanery, ’ Linda said, ‘but they weren’t very well attended, so we asked the young mums what they would like and they suggested a Teddy Bears Picnic! It was great to hear somebody say, this is exactly what a village community should be doing. It just felt like it was generous and hospitable and felt that the church was offering something without asking for anything back.’ This reaching out to families will continue with more events planned throughout the year for children of all ages.

In November the Church invited older children and their families to a ‘Festival of Light’. The evening was made up of fun things to make and do, food to share and then a walk out into the dark outside to come back into the church as it was lit with an array of beautiful and dynamic colours and light. The evening ended in prayer and some quiet time to reflect on places and people who need a sense of light in the dark to guide them.